Key facts on the Masters Program

Class size: up to 20 students per year

Tuition fees (EEA* / not EEA): €500 / €1000 (costs in euros)

Scholarships: up to €2.000 based on merit and depending on availability of funds

Admission criteria (the following qualifications are considered): Grade of undergraduate diploma, Master’s or PhD degrees, interview, publications in recognized international journals, conference  resentations, relevance and quality of diploma thesis, participation in research programs, documented professional experience, knowledge of English language.

Eligibility: University graduates from departments such as Electrical and Computer Engineering, Information Science, Information Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Data Science, Physics,  Mathematics, and other related fields. The candidate’s degree must have been obtained from an accredited higher education institution.

Credits: 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) for an MSc in Machine Learning and Data Science

Duration of studies: 2 academic semesters

Maximum duration: 3 academic semesters

Passing grade: ≥6 (on a scale 0-10)

Degree average grade: ≥ 6

Calculation of degree grade: Average of course grades.

Requirements for completion studies: Successful completion of 8 graduate courses, attendance of research seminars, successful execution and presentation of capstone project based on independent study.

Course schedule: 5 required και 3 elective courses.

*EEA: European Economic Area