The studies in the Foreign Language MSc of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of the Technical University of Crete aim at the education and high-level technical training of students in cutting edge topics in the fields of Machine Learning and Data Science.  The primary goal is for students to acquire the necessary theoretical background in the fundamental principles of new technologies in the above fields, but also to develop applied thinking and computational competence, so that they can solve complex scientific and technological problems and be able to compete at an international level.

The MSc in Foreign Languages promotes teaching and research in a highly competitive scientific area.  It aims to train executives who will be able to successfully meet the increasing demands of the labor market, research, education, and technology in Greece and abroad, covering the "talent gap", due to the lack of specialization in the specific scientific area and the high demand in the labor market.

The methods of teaching and student evaluation follow the practice of leading international institutions. Specifically, each course includes two mandatory lectures of equal duration per week (on different days) for a total duration of 13 weeks.  Performance assessment includes, at minimum, written midterm and final exams.

The instructors teaching in the MLDS MSc are highly qualified. All faculty members bring experience from well-known universities and/or research centers abroad, where they have either studied and/or worked or with which they still have research collaborations. 

The ECE School's infrastructure which is potentially utilized in the MLDS MSc includes 11 institutionalized laboratories, in which postgraduate education is conducted, as well as internationally competitive research in the frame of competitive national and European funded research projects.

The quality of the MLDS program is ensured by the following actions and procedures.

1. Structure and organization of the MLDS MSc with emphasis on student-centered education.

2.  Ensuring very high academic/research qualifications of the teaching staff, through open recruitment procedures and merit-based selection, evaluation, and promotion processes.

3.  Linking teaching, research, and innovation.

4.  Modern and robust curriculum in line with current international practices.

5.  Ensuring adequate quality of infrastructure and support services to support learning and academic and research activity.

6.  Continuous evaluation and improvement of the quality and effectiveness of the MLDS MSc.

In order to implement the above quality policy, the ECE School applies periodic internal evaluation, as well as quality assurance procedures on an annual basis, in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) of the Technical University of Crete, as described in the "Quality Manual of the Internal Quality Assurance System" of the Technical University of Crete.