The strategic goal of the MLDS program is to provide specialized knowledge on cutting edge technological topics in the fields of Machine Learning and Data Science.

The intended learning outcomes for the students of the “Machine Learning and Data Science” Master’s program are as follows:

  • providing knowledge in technical subjects which are extremely important internationally in both academic and industrial environments,
  • building a strong theoretical background in the area of ​​Machine Learning and Data Science, through the teaching of targeted graduate courses,
  • enabling contact with research and industrial problems and cutting-edge technologies, through seminars delivered by invited researchers, independent study by the students, and the completion of the capstone project,
  • acquiring skills to analyze data from various knowledge domains using modern theoretical methods and effective computational tools in different computing environments (Matlab, R, Python, SQL) through participation in the learning process, solving theoretical and computational tasks, and execution of the capstone project,
  • cultivating skills that allow participation in complex work environments, assuming and accomplishing responsibilities as a team member in study groups, developing time management skills.