Funded PhD positions in Morocco

4 Funded PhD positions at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco

1. Climate Change Impact on Renewable Energy in Morocco

This PhD project will assess the impacts of climate change on renewable energy resources in Morocco. The candidate will analyze historical climate data, model future scenarios, and evaluate implications for solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy production. The goal is to provide actionable insights for sustainable energy planning and policy-making in Morocco.

2. Defining Suitable Sites for Rainwater Harvesting in Arid Regions

This research aims to identify optimal sites for water harvesting in arid and semi-arid regions. The candidate will use geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, and hydrological modeling to locate potential water harvesting sites. This work is crucial for improving water security and supporting agricultural and community needs in water-scarce areas.

3. Uncertainty in Regional Climate Simulation

This PhD position focuses on quantifying and reducing uncertainties in regional climate simulations. The candidate will work with regional climate models (RCMs) to evaluate their performance under different scenarios and develop methods to improve accuracy. This research will contribute to more reliable climate projections, essential for informed decision-making.

4. Use of Stochastic Methods for Data Assimilation to Improve Flood Forecasting

This project will investigate the application of stochastic methods for data assimilation to enhance flood forecasting accuracy. The candidate will explore various techniques, such as ensemble Kalman filtering and particle filtering, to integrate observational data with hydrological models. The objective is to develop robust forecasting tools to better predict flood events and mitigate their impacts.

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